One Noodle @ Desa Park City

Dinner was suggested by yours truly. I think I’m in love with this place, but i shall let that love fade off soon enough since prices of homes there are crazy!

Whole family was there..

I didn’t get what everyone ate, but we had ala carte, since food there wasn’t exactly cheap.

I ordered what I ordered before @ One Noodle, SS2.

Salt & Pepper Eggplant


Totally reminds me of Eggplant french fries! I love this so much. That’s all i had, yes, an appetizer only. Because everything else that i wanted to order was pricy.


The BF had La Mien with dumpling (RM8.80). I had one dumpling, and it was quite nice. Lots of ingredients in the dumpling: pork, one prawn, vege. The soup was good. The BF said the dish on the whole was OK, not to say VERY good, but.. OK.

Just so you know, my aunt.. before i continue..

I have 3 aunts. well, 2 , but one is a very close family friend/aunt’s friend, so she’s part of the family to me. One is Akak Jack, Akak Jean, Akak Carol. Why i call them Akaks, i don’t know. Apparently I used to call them that when i was young. So i’m used to it now. Smile 

Back to food..

Akak Carol ordered Tom Yam Seafood (RM15.80) which apparently, is good. Akak Jean liked the soup too. And worth it because they gave LOTS of seafood. So it’s a must-try here.

The bill came to about RM123 for 8 people.

We then proceeded to Kluang Station for some toast and drinks.


And a walk around the park:



Went back home, and off to bed for an early morning for the BF!


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