Yong Tau Foo Chan Chan @ Bandar Menjalara

Right after work, I changed and me and the BF headed to Waterfront @ Desa Park City for a run.


Look closely and spot the dogs!


Gramps came along, but didn’t run of course. Sat and enjoyed the little doggies.


Me and the BF, after the run..


I think, the closest i can get to Desa Park City, is running at Waterfront. Just checked the prices of the houses here.. Houses are min RM1.5 mil! I don’t think I’ll make that amount of money in my lifetime. Condos ar RM600k above. Sigh.. Property prices are just going up and up. So, officially, all my dreams are shattered. Well, it can still be a dream, but a dream impossible to be realised.

On other lighter matters, dinner was at Yong Tao Foo Chan Chan @ Bandar Menjalara. Just opposite Shiang Hee.

Grandma comes here for one thing, and one thing only (and it’s not yong tao foo)


Assam Fish. Although i have my doubts about this place, i have to agree, their assam fish is quite good! I wish they would give more brinjals, or just have a dish of brinjals, i don’t mind paying for it. The assam is very balanced and not overly spicy! YUM!


Some stir fried lettuce. The sauce goes really well with rice.


Yong Tao Foo.. brinjals, fried dumpling, fried spring rolls, fried beancurd (RM1/piece)

I love the fried tao pok. Many places make it soft. Here, it’s crunchy!! And the amount of filling is just nice. not too much, so much so you really can feel the “crunch”. I had two brinjals, but not the filling. I don’t care too much for the fish/pork filling.


We also had a few pieces of tofu, and bittergourd, which i don’t fancy.

We had an additional assam fish, and 3 rice, and a pot of tea which brought the total bill to RM48. Quite pricy though. A place to come once in a while or else you may get tired of it.

I came home to an apple, some tv, and bed!


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