Spam (not my inbox)

Lunch today was spam. I love luncheon meat. And i’ve grown up learning to love the Chinese Gulong type. But with all the scary news about foods made from China, I’ve now opt for the US made ones. Plus, the one used today was from my aunt! (Thanks)


Spam is not the healthiest food, but i think Spam’s luncheon meat is definitely less fatty than the chinese ones. You notice it once you open it.

We oven baked it for 10 minutes at 210 degrees (i just used 210 as i was baking some veges at the same time save electricity)


The veges baking in the oven was to be a warm “salad” with no greens. We ran out of greens, and the peppers needed to be used ASAP! So i just tossed together with what’s left of the plum tomatoes, and 1.5 red peppers, s&p, rosemary, and olive oil.

You’d get this after 20 mins @ 200 degrees


Next up in the oven was sweet tater chips. this was for myself because the BF was more interested in some filling rice. Can you imagine, this was a medium sized sweet tater, which shrunk to this:





SPAM: was ok, but a tad too salty. Definitely should be eaten with bread or rice. I should’ve swapped sweet taters for bread. Went back for seconds though.

Vege: T’was alright. Needed some greens though. Looks so RED.

Sweet taters: Me likey! Got the idea from KERF.


Had a papaya, which i didn’t actually want..

Two hours of napping: (it was planned to be an hour, sadly turned out to be 2hours (!!) )


Had a papaya and coffee from my leftover french press in the morning. I realise i never ever to manage to make a ONE-CUP, there always seems to be leftover! Nevermind, more for later. Smile

Off to church!

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