Not the healthiest breakfast

Be warned, health nuts, although i’m somewhat one too, i didn’t consume the haelthiest breakfast today. But forgive me, when you crave for something, sometimes, i think you just need to go for it.


As you can tell, breakfast was at McDonald’s.


This is one of the main reasons i heart their breakfast : HASH BROWNS!!! So good. I’ve tried frozen types from tesco, and they didn’t live up to my expectations. They had a funny sour taste to it.


Me and the BF ordered the same.

I think they cook their eggs salt-free so i had to add some salt. The eggs were not as creamy as i would’ve liked, but it satisfied me. The muffin was OK. I wish they had wholewheat ones and buttered both sides.

The sausage was..meh.. I gave 3/4 to the BF and one muffin to him too.


Sadly, fast food breakfasts don’t keep me full. I feel hungry already! I’m off to see what tit bits i can find!


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