Alone with pancakes

I’m so lonesome today. Lunch with Pik San cancelled as she had to go to a client’s place. I should always have a Plan B. I didn’t this time around, and was so indecisive for lunch!! I was debating between O’Briens, Shih Lin or Paddington House of Pancakes. I went with pancakes, as I wanted to take advantage of the set lunch @ RM13.80.

When they first started with this set lunch, there were as many as 10 choices, but it has decreased, to only 3. 😦 I remembered that they used to have the buckwheat with eggplant as part of the set lunch. Not anymore. And there were no vegetarian options for the sets (I’m trying to have vegetarian fridays – religious reasons).

So i had the classic buckleberry pancake with cream cheese and mushrooms, along with scrambled eggs and beef bacon (which i ommited).

The set came with a drink, of which i chose-Flat White.

I LOVE how they foam the top! Always ever so cute. This time, it’s a mouse/bunny? Not sure.. Hope they’re not implying something (my chubby face?)

Had to add 1.5 packs of sugar as it was pretty bitter. I ran out of Equals!

Food came decently fast!

I was in love with the smell of scrambled eggs! From afar, i could smell it!

The scrambled eggs were perfect! SO creamy and i suspect they added cheese! It’s so ooey gooey.. I really would like to replicate this at home.

Came with a side salad..

But the main star: Pancakes (I think they added some mushrooms to sub the bacon.

The pancakes were filled with blubes. Only one was centred with cream cheese though..

I ate the blube-less pancake first. Then the cream cheese filled one! SO RICH! Gosh.. i should have dug out some of the cream cheese to eat with the first pancake. Blubes were quite sour.. But i topped it off with some honeyto balance it out.  

The meal even came with dessert:

PHOP Sundae: vanilla ice-cream with pancake dollars drizzled with strawberry syrup.

Twas OK. Nothing to should about. Pancake dollars were cute. but the ice-cream was your regular commercial type.

The bill came up to RM15.85 after tax.

Paddington House of Pancakes, 1 Utama.

Walked around, bought contact lenses, i can be back on it (after my 4 weeks of eye treatment due to allergies!). Checked out GNC to see how i should make use of my 40% voucher. And dropped by famous amos for some cookies. 😉 And i was hunting for something to eat before the run later, so i bought a muffin top! I really should stop buying such foods and make them myself. I promise after I finish this batch, I’ll make my own cookies and cakes..



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