Kayu @ Aman Suria

Today was Jade’s (VT) last day at office as she was leaving for US. It was getting emotional, but I left soon enough. Winking smile 

Gramps were waiting for me and we headed to Kayu for dinner. I told them I was craving for Roti Tisu, and it’s been ages since we went there!

We ordered everything to share..

Rojak (RM4.50)


It was decent. My grandma likes the sauce, but i still prefer Ali Rojak. Plus Ali Rojak ingredients are the freshest. The keropok in this was REALLY hard! And the coconut was too soft..

Was craving for a teh tarik, so i had a kurang manis one. Really, in mamak, you have to tell them to make it less sweet, because less sweet becomes normal. If it’s regular to them, it’s super sweet!


The long awaited Roti Tisu (RM5). Seriously, although it most probably costs 4 times more than the regular one, it’s so much bigger. My cam couldn’t even take the pic of the whole thing!


The roti tisu is so good! Crispy! And the sides are more “planta-ish” so it’s almost salty at the softer ends. but the rest, is so sweet and crispy!!!! YUM!I think i’m gonna be on carb + sugar high later!

Kayu’s maggi goreng is also one of my favourites. I think they actually fry it with the magi seasoning. They cook the noodles perfectly as it has not “kembang”. LOVE the fried onions! But price is on the high side (RM4.50). I would imagine it to be RM5 if i wanted one more egg (which i was tempted, but didn’t)


Bill came up to RM20.40 including gramps drinks and grandpa’s chapatti. Food is much better than your regular mamak, but the people they hire don’t really understand Malay though. Strange. It’s kind of hard to communicate. So if you’re a picky eater, like my grandma, please refrain from being so as it’s hard to tell them anything specific in the foods. For instance, “more black sauce” and “no soft kuih in the rojak”.. (but sometimes i think those i also hard to understand by me! haha.. blacker noodles (??) )

OK, with such carbo loading and sugar high from dinner, and unhealthy lunch @ KFC, a workout was in line when i came home. I should avoid days like this. It’s so unbalanced. two unhealthy meals in a day! But I suspect tomorrow’s the same as I’m planning on heading to Shih Lin Taiwan (A taiwanese deep fried snack place) for lunch.

Workout was alright. was planning on a 4K, but I couldn’t. However, I AM running tomorrow after work when the BF fetches me.

I’m off to bed soon. Maybe get in some reading! Ta!


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