Fried chicken

I am trying to be healthy, but I failed. Sigh. I purposely brought along some salads to up my vege intake, but i ended up having fried  chicken for lunch. Upped my happiness level though.

Lunch was with Pik San @ KFC.

Have been craving for Hot & Spicy for a while. It’s so sad to know that they don’t have the one-piece set with mash taters anymore! Only comes with rice, which i decided to bring home.

Chicken was OK, but i think they fried it at a relatively low temperature as it was pretty oily on the inside. I didn’t have the skin, but i did peel of the batter! YUM! The main reason i love hot & spicy is the batter!

Coleslaw, was … meh.. finished it for the sake of finishing it i suppose (i have to stop doing this)

I did finish the salad i brought though.

  • Butterhead lettuce (which reminds me, am out of salad leaves)
  • Red peppers (which i have to finish before it spoils, but i’m still out of salad leaves)
  • plum tomatoes

Along with Honey cider mayo dressing (homemade).

Good way to up the vege in the diet (which i’m really failing!)

No Pepsi Light (KFC is beginning to disappoint me with no this, no that) so i had the Revive.

Well, my body wouldn’t thank me for today’s meal, but my happiness level will offset it. 🙂 Gosh, i’m beginning to sound like a mathematician.

Anyway, i may or may not have a coffee. I’m getting tired of the office coffee.. counting down the hours to 5.30pm!

And i realised, it’s THURSDAY. which means FRIDAY’s coming! I appreciate my friday’s so much now compared to when i was in college!


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