8 hours isn’t enough

Definitely not for last night. I had a solid 8 hours 40 minutes of sleep. And yet, it wasn’t enough. I woke up at 7.10am, still wanting to fall back to sleep and snuggle up with my bolster. Oh well. But I was dreaming. I think about my trip to Bali, and there were some complications-oh NO! But I hope the opposite comes true.

Speaking of 8 hours, I just read, the state with the longest average working hours in US is Houston Texas, see here. Their average working hours is 41.2 hours/week. That averages out to about 8 hours, slightly more in a day assuming it’s a 5 day week job. But that’s consider quite low, as in Malaysia, i find that the culture is the more OT you work, the better it is. At the place I’m working, people work round the clock, worse during peak seasons. Off peak, the supposedly working hours is 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. But people stay most likely til 7 or 8pm. And that’s OFF PEAK! People have stayed 24 hours during peak season. Of course, the company would say, “We didn’t force them to stay late. It’s their choice”. I’m sure it’s our choice to stay 24 hours and not go home to get enough sleep. If you hired more, and give people work load which is handleable, i’m sure people won’t have to slog like dogs. I shan’t disclose the company, neither am i saying this only happens where i’m working. I think it happens everywhere now in Malaysia. Labour laws are just not strict enough. There are just not enough unions. or the unions aren’t strong enough. This is another reason why i would like to migrate, as i hope to get a decent 9-5 job, adding to the reason of huge grocery stores with healthy foods, and cheerios! 😉

On the food front, breakfast was consumed slowly today.

Mainly because I didn’t workout this morning, thus managed to get up at 7.10am! Workout shall be in the evening, i hope. Breakfast: blueberry morning Post cereal with HL milk. Yum! I think I’m falling in love with thi cereal. I wonder if they have blueberry cheerios. 🙂 I love the blueberry morning, as even the flakes are scented with the strong blueberry flava! Just wish there were more clusters in there!

Blueberry scented coffee too! made from the blueberry scented milk which was scented by my blueberrylicious cereal.

Gramps dropped me at office, so means dinner would most likely be right after office. I’m hoping to manage a workout after dinner (??)

See you after lunch!

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