Yoghurt mess

I’ve never been a fond of yoghut messes as i feel that there’s nothing much for me to chew. most of the time, i’m just swallowing the yoghurt. But I needed to make one this morning from the Breyer’s pineapple yoghurt as I realised it’s expiring today!

Topped it off with some strawberry yoghurt muesli. Strawberry and pineapple just sounds better together

Was OK. but i wanted more cereal on top. But I know it’d be too big a meal for me.

Cup of joe

I never realised how much I missed making it at home! Gosh, it tastes so much better than the coffee at the office, most likely because i’m using FRESH low fat milk and also brewing my own. Note: I still haven’t started on my French press as I haven’t figured out if the coffee I’m using is a coarse grind. I wouldn’t want to clog up the NEW french press!

All together now!

Look what I noticed on the table!

Argh! There blows my RM3.50. I totally for got to toss it into the fridge, and this mould soon appeared. Sigh.

Note to self, once you buy the bread, no matter the expiry date, toss it into the fridge.

At work now. See you later!


2 thoughts on “Yoghurt mess

  1. Hiya! Just an FYI: Whenever I buy bread, I always cut it in half and freeze it! Just pop it in the toaster and it tastes as fresh as the day you bought it! You can also ‘defrost it’ in the microwave for a minute if you don’t want it toasted! That way it doesn’t dry out in the fridge!

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