Food only you can find in Malaysia

Lunch was with the BF today. So far, every time he meets me during my working lunch hour, we head to 1 Utama, which I think he was sick of. So today, I suggested Ali Rojak in Kelana Jaya. I’m sure many would have heard of this rojak. It’s opposite the OLD Kelana Jaya Giant. I love the rojak here and it’s cheap. Surprisingly, usually packed with people during lunch hour, it was kind of deserted mostly due to Ramadhan season, meaning it’s fasting time. However, there were a few non-muslim customers there.

I had mine with 1 tofu, two coconut and one keropok. Delicious and satisfying, only available in Malaysia, no? but i forgot to mention no chilli, so it was a bit spicy. the BF complained the cucs smelled of detergent (??) AFTER i finished the cucs. But I didn’t smell any though. Seriously! He told Ali, and he gladly replaced it for us. But the BF insisted it still smelt of detergent. I hope nothing goes wrong and it’s just his nose. 🙂

Dropped by Giant for some naners and I noticed that milk prices are high EVERYWHERE! It’s ridiculous! RM5.90? From the usual RM4.60? What’s wrong with the price controls? Milk prices such as cartoned ones, especially hurt the consumer’s wallets. Plus, it’s a health food, especially low fat milk. Why? They increase sugar, discouraging us to take too much sugar. But who is hurt the most is the businesses using BIG AMOUNTS of sugar. But milk? It’s the individual consumer and to increase it by a dollar? I use it practically EVERYDAY for breakfast! The price control system is really flawed.

On other matters, we had no where else to walk around, so we headed back to One U. It’s been a while since i had this.

Roti Boy, again, only available here. Most likely, these two foods would be ones i would miss if i happen to migrate overseas. 🙂 (It’s just a dream for now, same with my dream home at Desa Park City!)

I ate the crust, and the bottom. Some butterry part snuck into my mouth as well. I know. I The BF pays RM1.80 for this for me, but I eat less than half of it. But at least I eat the most expensive part of it!

I MAY or may not have a coffee later. We’ll see.



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