3 rainbows

Today, feels so blessed to me. God blessed me by showing me three rainbows.


Sorry for the photo colour as I was trying to use a setting which would really show the colour. It was quite light, the first rainbow I saw. The second one was much better.


I couldn’t get the third one in time because I was on the line with the BF and grandpa drove to fast past it. But no matter what, I feel really blessed as to see ONE is difficult, but three?

Dinner was at Mee Yoke Lim @ SS2 with the gramps. I bought some vegetarian rice from Meng Tuck just a few shops from Mee Yoke Lim. I prefer this as I get to choose brown rice.


Was so glad they had quite a few of my favourite foods. On the right: brinjals cooked in sambal spicy sauce with petai and some “Meen Kan” which is a kind of tofu. On the left: Beans with firm tofu peanuts and carrots. Heavy on the beans. This is the kind of dish rarely found outside from home as it’s quite a tedious dish in terms of cooking. I quite liked it but nothing can beat Grandma’s as this lacked radish and peanuts and firm tofu. The brinjals were quite nice though. I’m not too sure if the “brown” rice was brown rice as it seemed kinda white to me. I’m an “ONLY-BROWN RICE” eater.

I definitely wasn’t disappointed with this below. Ok, personally, I really don’t know what this is. Sad, I know. But it seemed like some kind of flour/tofu made thing deep fried scented with curry leaves! DELISH.


I came home, and decided to have a naner and skip the apple as my tummy had some cramps. Of course, I had to have it with PB. Once i realised how good naners were with PB, I never turned back to a plain naner.


I’m planning to hit the sack early. I feel sleepy already, and it’s only 9!

See you tomorrow! No morning run, but most likely evening run tomorrow?


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