Pineapple raisin overnight oats

Morning! I know I had a workout less than 12 hours ago, i.e., last night, i managed to force myself into a workout this morning! Of course, the thought of Chipsmore woke me up. 😉

9.4km/h on the treadmill. I need to train as I hope/plan on joining a few 10-11k in the coming months with Zoe, a friend from church. I hope she’ll join! I love to join marathons/runs as it is so rare you get to run around the city (cars and what not), but it’s so expensive. RM40 a race? I already blew RM 45 for the 21 K in july! Mizuno is RM40 for 11k, which is not that worth it when you think of it. sigh..

Anyways, this morning, breakfast involved a new flavour!

I spotted Breyers’ pineapple yoghurt on clearance at Cold Storage! Awesome!

Can you believe that before discount, this cost RM 10! Oh gosh, i literally JUST realised it’s expiring tomorrow (that’s why clearance price is RM2). I saw the expiry date was 18 August, and for some reason I kept thinking it’s still 12/13 August. Nevermind, I’m sure I can use it up for granola tomorrow morning! 😉

But i used this to prep for my overnight oats. What I used last night:

Spontaneous decision to use raisins.

  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup oat bran
  • 1/4 cup or so Breyers pineapple yoghurt

And my faithful quater cup measure.

This morning, i topped it off with a mix of granola

  • Bokomo strawberry yoghurt muesli (i consider it granola as it is crunchy!)
  • Tesco Maple pecan crisp

After mixing it:

Of course, I ate it with a spoonful of peanut butter! Yum.

Verdict: Pineapple yoghurt was…..not as pineapply as i would like it to be? Yes, it had “fruit on the bottom” but there was not much pineapple flavour as much as i would have liked. Was more of a tart taste. I bought another flavour-lemon, which now, i’m not looking forward too as i think it may be even more tart than this. I don’t really like natural yoghurt as it’s tart, and this yoghurt gave me that feeling. Oh well. I may buy other flavours, but it’s a bit on the high side in terms of price for me.

It was such a bad day coming to work. After reaching the toll, only i realised i left my office ID tag at home! This was because, i wasn’t bringing any lunch today from home, thus left the lunch bag at home, in which, my id tag was! I had to pay RM3.20 of toll excluding fuel to travel home and get it. Without it, i can’t enter the office or leave as freely as i would like to. Sigh. A mistake which should not happen again!

But Max was surely delighted to see me back home! Patted him for awhile since i was late anyway.

Lunch today, will be interesting. hope to get some pics in!

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