I really should show my gramps some LOVE as I am so blessed to come home to comfort.

Come home to comfort food!

I was not so hungry, so I had an apple while chatting up with them while they were eating.


After the apple, i HAD to try the food. So i nibbled here and there. but had the full meal when the BF came.

Tofu, topped with shrimps, chilli and fried onions + soy sauce


I love the crunchy dried shrimp! And the soy sauce almost seeps into the tofu! Plus, it’s healthy as it ain’t so oily.


Today was quite a “vegetarian meal, besides the shrimp”. Brocs sauteed with lots of onions (<3) and carrots! I’m an onion lover who has onion breath right now. Don’t come near!


I didn’t say vegan either. I just love my fried eggs with onions!


And i love the almost burnt parts!

Oh, and this is the pizza i brought home from Dave’s. The group couldn’t finish. I let grampa try since he LOVES pizza. He liked this one!! It still smells good when you put it in the oven! Maybe even better Winking smile


I told you i’m addicted to these!


Goldfish! No carbs tonight as the brown rice turned bad. So goldfish it was! Yum! Love the saltiness of it.

I’m hitting the sack early tonight. Two nights in a row waking up at 5.30 am for a workout, will kill me if i do it again tomorrow. (but i used to do it. i just can’t anymore)



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