The whole department couldn’t wait for lunch! Our HOD/partner was treating us lunch @ Dave’s. Dave’s is known for their excellent pastas & pork!

I was excited as i remember the last time i had Dave’s with Samuel! It was delish! The pasta was delish on its own without any sauce. Amazing how they do it.

There were 11 of us there. Photography was difficult though because of the lighting, plus, I think it won’t go down well that i have a food blog. I’m afraid they’d think i’m a lunatic!

I ordered a Chef’s salad (Everything looked so good!)

(sorry for the bad shots. bad lighting) The salad, sad to say, was disappointing. I remembered it presented much better when i had it with my friend. Plus, it promised cashewnuts in the menu, but there were none to be found. Lacking in the crunch department. I was hoping for croutons too. 😦 Maybe the Caesar’s would’ve been a better bet.

My friend, Jade, from my department promised to share the mushroom soup with me. She broke her promise. Mor for me and to take home anyway!

The best part: the accompanying bread!! That was heavenly! I had the whole slice!! This should come with the salad! It’s almost crisp on the inside, but the bread is so divinely soft! And i love the garlic butter (??) inside!! If only they sold this on the side. The soup on the other hand was disappointing. It came COLD. Tastewise was ok. Was creamy and full of blended mushrooms. But the temperature of the soup ruined it. There’s quite abit of leftover.

This is the Spagetthi Carbonara Jade ordered. (She ordered linguini, but spaghetti came, the chef forgot, which i think is not right, as they should replace it instead of bringing us the spaghetti)

I didn’t try any, but I think Jade had a hard time finishing it. Therefore, she broke her promise of sharing th mushroom. I did have a half a slice of a pepperoni pizza the group ordered. Delish. Crust is so good. There is some leftover though!

I’m not sure how much the bill came to, but i’m sure it’s not cheap. Thanks Boss!

Sadly, Dave’s did not live up to my high expectations. But I will try their mains the next time around, like the pork knuckle because the group liked it alot!


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