At home or from home

Today, I’m so glad that all food consumed were either from home, or at home!

Although I was planning to fit in a run this morning, the house alarm took some of my sleep away, making me so tired, that i woke up uber late! And yet, i managed to prepare some food, because i soon realised that it’s ok to be late, as everyone in office, comes later than me.

Thus, a missed workout, and breakfast in the office.


Fruit for the day


Fuel for the morning.

Lunch was with Pik San, and with… hmmm.. i don’t know if I should reveal it yet.. I’ll do so when I get her permission Winking smileAnyways, lunch was @ BBQ plaza. but i still brought my own lunch.


Same salmon sandwich, i know, i’m boring, but I promise, you won’t see this anymore as they don’t bring it into Malaysia already. But it’s sad that i won’t get to eat it anymore. I did have some of Pik San’s vege from the BBQ plaza..


I had a craving for tong sui (though i realised we have some at home). Anyway, i opted for sweet potato soup at KTZ. Yum. Very gingery but not too much that it kills your tastebuds. I didn’t like the tong yuen though.

Wasn’t much work today, which is good. My last few days (15 days) should be relaxing. Winking smileBut jam stressed me out! Darn traffic jam! But food mde me happy! Gramps prepared my favourite food!

Minced pork with taters!


One day i need to get the recipe. I think it’s minced pork with dark soy sauce and sautéed taters! Loved them since i was young. This is the sorta thing you can only get at home. Not any other place!

Ladies fingers, brinjals and beans.


Needless to say, you should know which was my favourite.

I think I may hit the treadmill later. The BF missed the bus, so he’s coming back late anyway. So i figured i needed some carbs


I just bought this today! Though it cost me quite a bit, but i miss this! I remembered when i was young, my aunt got me hooked on this! This salty goldfish is so addictive. So what’s a girl to do when this costs RM 10.50? Fulfill her craving, and let go of it for the next few months. Yum! Had a handful of this!!!!

Digest digest, and run run!


2 thoughts on “At home or from home

  1. oh. don worry Aunty connie, jaclyn will. lol. i miss it. my aunt used to buy for me *hint hint, if ur reading!* 😉 sam, faster come back so i can have cheerios! haha. ty promised a cupboard full of cheerios in five years time.

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