My Kitchen @ Aman Suria

Aman Suria is very near SIC, thus, if we’re lazy, we would head there for dinner after mass.

We ate “dishes” meaning that we ordered two types of dishes to share, with rice.


Complimentary salted vegetable soup


What do you think?

For me, it was TOO salty. even made my throat tingly.


I had me a Hainanese coffee. Alright. Really Hainanese style. Not enough milk to my liking though.

We decided on two dishes.. Well, rather I decided as i was actually mentioning to the BF, “Hmm, I don’t know which to choose. Omelette or brinjal?”. And he chose both! Smile


Cincalok omelette (RM7.90) It’s fermented / dried prawn with omelette (filled with onions and chilli).


I really like the stinky smell of cincalok and the saltiness from it. Partly why I chose this omelette. They have other types too, but this seemed more special compared to the regular Fu Yong Egg. A bit on the smaller portion side though for RM7.90). They also have cincalok fried rice!


The other dish, of course, you guessed it, brinjals. If you’ve been following my blog, brinjal is my love. well.. along with onions, eggs, and french fries, and smoked salmon.

Anyway, My Kitchen’s brinjal was ok to me. One thumbs up to the “not so oily” part of it. Most of the time, brinjals are cooked with lots of oil. But here, it’s not much. Sauce was mediocre. I don’t fancy this flavour so much. It’s like salty, with garlic. Nothing which stands out.

Bill came to about RM20. Alright for a quick meal. But again, it’s not THAT cheap.

We went home to Case 39! Such a thriller! Scary movie!!! While doing so, this was involved:

Don’t  worry. Not the whole tub!


Very peanut buttery. but it reminded me of peanut powder as i felt some granules (??) hallucination maybe?

Hope i won’t get nightmares!


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