Jace misses the o’chien

An hour nap later, i feel much refreshed, but I may still decide to have an early night tonight.

this apple was way too overripe to be eaten, so it headed to the trash..


Had me some coffee (I think I need to cut down! more water!)


Note: you don’t need a machine to create foam! Winking smile Just milk, and quick stirring. Though, those look more like bubbles..


I had the sides of this butter cake (so yummy!) and gave the rest to the BF! He’s the best because he doesn’t mind naked butter cake (or egg tarts-i tend to go only for the pastry)

We headed of to the Waterfront park in Desa Park City. I think Desa Park is like a dream place to live. It’s so neighbourhood like as it has a huge park and i love the “tiny mall” there. And the houses are beautiful. We were planning for a long run, but couldn’t as it was too crowded with dogs. But i’ll be sure to bring my camera the next time around.

Came home to fetch gramps to Kepong Food Court for dinner. It’s been months since we came here. And i DEFINITELY miss the Ochien, the best i’ve tried so far!


It tastes extra good today as I haven’t had it in a while. I heart the crispy base so much! How nice if the cook would just sell me the eggs, without the oyster, as i don’t like the oysters at all!


Since the O’chien was shared, i went for some economy rice. Cauliflower, brinjals and some rendang sauce (for trial sake). Heart the brinjals! But a tad oily. Cauliflower was mediocre. Rendang was alright, not spicy, almost on the sweet side. This whole plate cost me RM 1.50!


Granda wanted some “jiao zhi”. Basically, it’s pan-fried dumplings filled with pork minced meat. I had one. I liked the outer layer, but kinda glutinous.

I asked the BF to take us to Waterfront @ Desa Park City again just to show gramps how nice it is! It’s a really nice place to live, but i don’t think it’s cheap. Sigh, hopes and dreams crushed! Sad smile


Have been eating an apple while typing this post.. since my previous apple was gross.


Off to bed, and early morning tomorrow, + monday blues. Sad smile


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