French toast and pork chop

Today, I took Grandma out for her “birthday present”. I didn’t get her anything, because there’s nothing much she fancies. But I know she fancies Yut Kee along Campbell’s road in KL. It’s been postponed a few times. But today’s the day! Had to leave at 8.30, and yet, there were lots of people already!

Yut Kee has been a long-standing restaurant in KL, which so happens, one of the generations ( I think it’s been through 3/4 generations) owner was my grandad’s friend. Now i think he passed it on to his son, but we still see my grandad’s friend around.


Infamous for their succulent Hainanese Pork Chop (RM9). It’s battered and fried, but not overdone. It was tender and i love the taste of the batter. Well, i love batter in general. The gravy was a bit black peppery. I had all of Grandma’s taters and onions. She only likes the pork. Grandpa and the BF had the same.

As for me, I don’t like meaty foods for breakfast. I’ like traditional breakfasts. I thought of ordering a slice of butter cake, but i spotted someone consuming something that looked like an omelette, till i noticed the kaya on the side, which meant it was FRENCH TOAST! It looked so good, that i had to have it.


I normally don’t order french toast when i’m out as i know they deep fry it. But this was too hard to resist. RM 3 – reasonable! No peanut butter inside, just bread dipped in egg, fried. Kaya (Homemade) on the side. So good. I think they deep fry it because it had a crisp at the sides, which made it so good! And the taste! I need to learn what they put in it! It just tastes so good, and yes, better than those commercialised kopitiams out there!! Homemade kaya had little clumps, which shows you it’s likely to be made by hand. It tasted good, the original flavour (not pandan) but i don’t think grandma liked the clumps.


Paired it off with Teh-C (Tea, with evaporated milk)

The bill came to RM37 inclusive of a Roti bakar (to be eaten with the pork chop gravy and other drinks).

I also blew RM10 on some butter cake. I got the square slices this time. And ALL the sides!! I may or may not have snuck some into my mouth after that heavy breakfast! Winking smile



Yut Kee Restaurant

35 Jalan Dang Wangi

(Opposite Capital Square and Wilayah Complex)

Tel. 03-2698-8108.


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