Boy, i think i ate too much today. I shall refrain from buying fries outside anymore, since i can easily make them at home.


I had a feeling that Dave’s Deli serves up thick cut fries. So i decided to head there for lunch along with my sandwich. Turned out, the RM 5 fries were huge!! Thick cut, yes, but flavour wise, hands down to Carl’s Jr. I couldn’t finish this, so i brought some back home.

Had my sandwich!


Used a different type of bread today..


I bought it not because it was made using brown sugar, but because it’s first ingredient was Wholewheat, which its hard to find in Malaysia. However, they still used refined flour in this. I still would like to find bread which is 100% whole wheat.


Stuffed it with salmon with mustard and dill sauce, and some butterhead. I know, boring me, but i’m just too lazy to cook up something else. plus, i think it’s time to use it up. The bread was a bit flimsy to me though.Too light i suppose? Easily crumbled. And a tad on the sweet side. I think most wholemeal breads in malaysia are like that. a bit sweet. STRANGE…

Walked around the mall a bit by my lonesome self. Gosh, i feel pathetic. Anyways, i tried to while away the time so that i don’t have to get back to office. Finally i did, and made some coffee, surprisingly my first cup of the day!

Read some blogs. Had pretty much nothing to do. Which i appreciate!

Dinner was @ Madam Lim’s at Tesco with Gramps. We were suppose to head to somewhere cheaper, but it was raining cats and dogs. I think Madam Lim’s opening was around this week, and there were lots of people. Plus, it was buka puasa time.

Food came really fast! Which is great, because i was kinda hungry.


We ordered a Claypot Tofu. Japanese tofu with some brocs and cauliflower in the mix. The soup was really thick, which i think was what made me full. Taste was there, but it would’ve been perfect if it was a tad less salty.


Brinjals grandma ordered for me. A large, i don’t know why, because gramps don’t fancy them as much as me. It was okay, again, but i don’t fancy this kinda style too much. It was salty-ish. I prefer the spicy types. And ones with dried shrimp.

Had chicken chop with plum sauce. Something we normally wouldn’t order, but we decided to try it, “chef’s specialty”. I don’t understand why noone can make chicken chop without the skin. I like the batter, but not the skin. Anyway, it was pretty tender, but kinda small portion.

Inclusive of 2 small rice, the bill came to be RM24. Decent, but will try other things next time around.

I’m going to hit the sack now.


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