Green Bean + Sweet tater

Shortly after my last post, i hit the mills. 9.4km/hr for 21 mins. did a bit of weights. I still find it hard to push myself, but i definitely don’t find it hard to eat. So someone, please help me.

Had a New Zealand Apple after the run.. SDC11478

Sweet.. The BF woke up early today, so i managed to head for lunch with him. Had me some “breakfast” for lunch at Modern De Cafe in KIP.


While lunching, at home, green beans were brewing! I decided to make some green bean soup today.

First, I boiled the raw green beans in water until they are mushy and some have disintegrated into the water. (To the water, add some rock sugar while boiling the taters). By the time i came home, it was ready to put the sweet potato cubes inside. Normally, sweet taters aren’t used, but i had too many, so decided to cube some to toss them in. Soon enough, cook till the taters are soft. If you find it too thick, and some rock sugar and water. I didn’t really specify the measurements because it really depends on your liking. But of course, do boil the green beans in quite abit of water. maybe one cup green beans to two or 3 cups of water? Then you see from there, it’s pretty easy to judge if there’s too much or too little.


Yum.. I love green bean soup, but may use stevia the next time around to healtify it.

I was still feeling sleepy, so I had me my second joe today! SmileMakes me happy, and awake. That’s all that matters.


Off to church in abit!


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