Blueberry morning

That was my morning today. blueberrylicious. I bought this yesterday at Cold Storage as i saw it was on promo, RM1 less than usual, no big deal, i know. but the hypermarket tricked me. i saw, RM12 something. Turned out RM12.99. sigh. Either way, i don’t regret buying it. Smile



3/4 cup topped with some Strawberry yoghurt muesli (BOKOMO).


Reminds me of the good o’l’ days when my aunt used to buy and got me influence into eating imported cereal. Bad, because they’re so pricey now, but good, because if she hadn’t, i would have missed out something in my life.

I miss this cereal so much. i love the sweetness and the enormous size of the flakes! YUM! been a while since i had flake because i’ve been having cheerios, not that i prefer this to cheerios.


Blueberry really scented up the milk! My coffee became blueberry coffee! So awesome. i may be obsessed with this cereal for awhile since i cant get my cheerios. But it is abit on the pricy side – RM14 (ori price) plus milk’s expensive now.

I’m off to clean up, and maybe run? hopefully. i feel full now.


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