One hour

That’s how long I waited for the “Popiah” at the Section 14 Ramadhan Bazaar. But lets wind back the clock first…

Lunch was with the BF since he was working night shift.

I think we’re running out of places to go to in 1 Utama. We headed to Fish & Co.

I got mself fish and chips. I know, it looks half eaten that’s because it is. The batter was EXTRA delish and crunchy today so i couln’t wait! The batter was extra crispy, but not “floury. It’s cooke golden brown (meaning, even if the batter is “peeled” off the fish, the bottom of the batter was golden, and not flour-ish)

Fries. Thick-cut. My fav!

This is a better pic of the fish, as the BF ate his rice first.

I stole some of the batter too! Yum!

Fish and co is not your everyday kind fare, at least to your wallet. Cost us RM27.50. Tax is just ridiculous.

Walked and wandered around till my lunch time was over. And that means not seeing the BF till Saturday! 😦

The BF bought me some Famous Amos. I chose Butterscotch pecan and chocolate chip pecan. And had to have some once i got my hands on it!

I may have had one more.

A coffee in the office.

I think my daily coffee has upped from 1 cup to 2 a day. one in the morning. and another in the afternoon. But i’m not sure if the caffeine still affects me in any way.

5.30pm came, and i left. Since it’s off-peak now, I leave as i wish as long as it’s after 5.30. 🙂

Gramps picked me up, and Grandma couldn’t wait to get her hands on the popiah at the Ramadhan Bazaar in Section 14. There’s this guy who sells popiah, apparently from Penang, during Ramadhan month every year.

See the line.


This was only like a 1/4 of the line. I couldn’t get a shot of the whole line. When we reached, my grandpa was at the end of the line, and apparently, the boss told the fella in front of my grandpa that he was going to stop selling. My grandpa, stubborn as he is, waited anyway.

People still lined up behind him. And the line doubled in no time.

While waiting, i walked around to see what else was there and spotted this.

This reminded me of the dessert my aunt brought along before a while back. It’s kind of like marie biscuits. broken up and put back together in a chocolate mousse (sort of). Taste was alright, but it was soft. My aunt’s one was still crunchy! This cost me RM2 for 5.

An hour later, it was our turn and got the popiah. RM1 / piece, we got 8 pieces and headed to SS2 to have dinner.

We ate at the coffeeshop in SEAPARK, the corner shop which has tong sui. Yum. but grandma couldn’t wait to dig into the popiah.

It’s not cut up like the Chinese style though. So you’ve to get a bit messy. Unless you’re careful!

Boy, it was good. There were turnips, prawns (a few), and bean sprouts. So simple. yet, delish! Gosh. I think it’s the sauce they spread on the skin which blew me away! Tempted to have another, but i had a whole bowl of tong sui to drink.

Personally, i still prefer the one at Nonya Colors/Little Cravings as this was too diluted to my liking.

Grandma also bought some satay from the Ramadhan Bazaar.

I don’t fancy satay, so i just had some cucs with the sauce. Nothing grand, but Satay was sure cheap. RM 0.50 compared to the normal RM 0.80

Headed to Tesco from some grocecy shopping. Was so disappointed to see Milk prices increase. Seriously! From RM4.60 to RM 5.80? Even Pestuerized milk went up from RM3.50 to RM4.80! It’s just to ridiculous that the Malaysian government doesn’t have price controls on milk. It’s an essential item isn’t it? Maybe not many consume it as it is to pricey. But it’s so nutritious, and it’s a whole food. Children need it for development. So why skyrocket the pice? I remember reading in a magazing that it only cost RM 3.15 in 2003. And the government claims inflation has been less than 10%. Having low prices for sugar and flour, benefits businesses more than consumers as they are major users of such items, i.e., bakeries. And it is not like bakeries charge cheaply for their bread. And by having low prices on bread, that is white, how does encourage the average person to be healthy. If prices were cheaper/controlled for items like wholewheat bread, low fat milk, i’m sure peope will move towards a helathier lifestyle. But now, all i see is higher prices, for milk, which some people can easily finish it within days.

Anyway, the above is just my opinion of price controls, but nothing to offend the government in any way.

So anyway, after deciding to hold off on the milk, i just bought a couple of things and headed home to some apple.

Yum. Watched House final episode of the season and hit the sack!


[Edited to add:]

I had me some of these Breyers ice-cream! Cookies and cream flavour! I bought it recently when i spotted it in Tesco. It was of a reasonablish price as it’s premiumish?

It was not very sweet, which i guess is partly a good thing. I wish it had more crunchy cookies because the cookies became cake-y.

I guess the only thing missing was the waffle cone? Yum! I want more. But control!


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