Butter cake breakfast

Gosh, waking up early at 5, without any motivation, like the BF, as he’s on night shift, is horrible. It’s exhausting. My eyes just wanted to remain SHUT! but i forced i open, had two weetameals, and slept, for 45 minutes. Woke up. ran. and ran. and ran.

On the treadmill: 9.4 km/h for 22 minutes.

I decided to bring breakkie to work. to kill time while i’m at work. but there was work already on my table. =.=

So i ate while working.

Had a red apple, in a red container!

And it’s always nice to have something different, and a tad unhealthy for breakfast. The yut Kee butter cake! So good. It’s not overwhelming sweet, and texture is perfect. Not too dense, but just nice. Normally, i only eat the skin for fun as i try to avoid eating a whole slice, but today, i thought what the heck.

Work is over, blog is updated, but i have yet to get my coffee. which i will in a moment!



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