No run today, so it meant i got to wake up later! I actually feel so much less sleepy today unlike the past two days. But this means missing my workouts. So i’m not sure which i should go for.

Had my morning Joe. Using BonCafe, but i’m not a HUGE fan. I WILL try Starbucks when i finish this bag..

Decided to make me some Nestum. Well, i decided that the BF should make me some, but he was too sleepy. =.=

This time, I toasted the Nestum, about 6 tbsp (heaping!), together with the sugar and salt. Yum. Sugar melted a bit though. But somehow, I feel that restaurant cooks it better. Somehow. They use oil, maybe?

I topped it off with a bit, (2 tbsp) of Bokomo strawberry yoghurt cereal.

Had also a bite or two of this DELICIOUS YUT KEE butter cake.

Grandma bought the round one. But i prefer the ones which are square as it has more “sides”. I love the sides!!

Off to work!  Jac, you can bear with it. just up to 30th. T-18 days. That’s currently my only motivation.

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