I’m really trying to increase my speed or distance for running. But it’s only trying. I’ve not accomplished. 2 factors: Time, stamina

This morning, got up at 5am (which is not easy) to have 2 weetameals before my run. i got running at 6.

21 mins @ 9.4 km/hr

I have no time even to do some weights! That’s unless i get up earlier, which is close to impossible!

Anyways, breakfast was Overnight oats. I tend to have oats after my run as it’s GOOD fuel.


The same mix as yesterday, sorry for boring you! But i used a BLUE bowl

  • 1/4 cup oat bran
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 Anlene Strawberry yoghurt
  • Topped of with: Tesco Maple Pecan Crisp & Steffi’s PB


All mixed up and consumed with Whose Line is it Anyway?

I still haven’t started on my French press. That’s cos i’m not sure if the ground coffee i have at home is considered finely ground or coarse ground. Apparently it could get clogged up if i use the wrong kind of grind. So coffee was had at the office.

Work Work Work! Am so glad that i don’t have to think about work in 20 days time!

Lunch was had with two friends, Jade & Pravin @ Penang Flavours.

I just had a Lin Chee Kang there as I once again brought my own.


Was a tad sweet to me. Would’ve preferred yesterday’s green bean @ Nonya Colors, but it’s ok. I had company for lunch today, so that made up for it!

Main meal:


First time that i brought a “REAL” sandwich, with nutritious toppings! Normally i bring a PB/Nutella filled one. Canned Salmon in Mustard and dill sauce (which i MUST learn how to replicate as it’s so good!) with butterhead.


Liked it, but i would preferred it toasted or put in the sandwich maker just so that it would hold together better!

Had more coffee at the office. 2nd cup!

Thank God i got to go back at 5.30 today! Made it in time for dinner with the gramps!

SDC11441Grandma wanted to try some new packet sauce. Kurma apparently which doesn’t look like it as its kind of diluted. Oh well. But it was alright. Not my cup of tea though. Too strong cinammon flavour.SDC11443I loved loved loved the cabbage. Yum!!! I also had some of the leftover curry vegetables yesterday, along with a slice of bread.

I may be off to some apple and grapes later!


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