FB does things

FB.. Facebook. It’s annoying sometimes. What it does to you. It brings back memories. You are so tempted to click and see what’s going on with the other person. Someone whom you’ve not talked to in a million years. And when you do, it brings back memories, you try to forget. Memories, which are good, but something you try to hide, as when you think of it, it just brings sadness because you miss it terribly. You look at the photos of people moving on, yet you feel like you’re stuck and not moving, or even worse, moving backwards.

So why did you click that profile. Because FB allows you too. I’m not blaming FB. I love FB. It keeps me preoccupied. But i just hate those good memories as it makes me sad and know how much I miss. May it be the person, good times, bad times. whatever.

It allows you to see another person’s life. And it gets annoying as you know they have moved on. Although you yourself have moved on, you just miss certain elements of what you used to have. Talks, food, fun. Anything, really. So thus, it brings regrets. Things you shouldn’t have done, you did. Things you should have done, you didn’t. Things that made you and that person grow distance. It could be something you said. It could be something you did. Or it could something you DIDN’t say or do. Maybe you didn’t call. FB doesn’t spell it out for you. It’s just that it’s triggered. When there are updates or when you just check out your friend list. It’s not FB’s fault. Memories, good or bad, lost or found, were essentially, created or NOT created by you.

However, this feeling will only be for a moment, i hope at least. Soon after, you’d go down, watch some tv, eat, clean up, read, play with the dog or cat or whatever pet you have, go out. And hopefully, it’ll be awhile till you click on that profile again.


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