iGot what iWanted

No, not an iPhone, but as you can tell, I’m running out of titles! Smile

I had lunch on my own today. But a delish one of course.

I decided that iWanted me some Green bean soup, and i know Nonya Colors/Little Cravings serves up the type iLike. Thick, not mushy, with sweet taters!


So, i decided to have some! Plus, that would allow me to have somewhere to eat my lunch instead of the tiny pantry in my office. which would make me even feel more lonesome.


IMG_0208See what i mean by chuncky and whole green beans! Sluurrpp.

Had some bread, which i actually prepared yesterday. (but had lunch at Sakae instead yesterday). One slice topped with HOMEMADE PB.SDC11422


The other with High 5 Kaya. I’m just trying to help my grandma finish it up.

SDC11423And finally, i’ve come to realise that i really lack veggies, EVEN though i bring my lunch to work. So to add veggie, I made a side salad. I’m not the type to have SALAD for lunch (unless it’s topped with smoked salmon or grilled eggplants and croutons). So i had this salad with my bread. SDC11429

I made the dressing myself, with some ingredients bought very recently.

  • Fat free Mayo
  • Cider Vinegar
  • Honey
  • Salt & Pepper
  • dash of soy sauce

I know the soy sauce is random, but it was just to off set the sourness from the cider vinegar. Since i wasn’t measuring, i think i overpoured the Cider. It was quite decent though, considering it’s my first attempt!

In the greens part, it was butterhead, plum tomatoes, and grapes!

Another thing that iWanted and iGot, was a French Press!!!


It took me literally an hour to contemplate on whether to buy this or not. It’s meant for 350ml and original price was RM159. At Live It Up, and Starbucks (i think), they were selling at RM89. So i thought, why not! A birthday present to myself. Bu that also means brown bag lunch, for the next… year?

I can’t wait to try it TOMORROW!

List of things that iWant, but still am contemplating whether to get it:

  • French press
  • Mugs (to spice up my coffee pics, plus the one i have at home, the paint’s coming off.
  • iPanema slippers (waiting for sale)
  • Bowls (fanciful and cute ones)
  • Cheerios (wondering if i can find them in Bali?)

So, French press (done!)

You would think this big lunch would keep me full, but you thought wrong. I was kinda hungry, and settled for some Reese’s and some chocolate my colleague brought back from her trip to Singapore!

Today is the second day in a row that i got to leave the office by 5.30pm! AWESOME!

Came home to the smell of fried fish.

SDC11432Grandpa took the liberty of frying fish. Smile yum. but i miss my fried onions.

SDC11434Gramps threw together this wonderful vegetable curry! So yummy as it had tau pok (dried beancurd), okra, beans, brinjals and cabbage! And evaporated milk was used, so it’s pretty healthy. I ate it with toasted wholemeal. Delish. SDC11435
Leftover turnips from last night.

Remember the fat issue i was talking about yesterday. well, today, i was opening the files in my lappie, at the bottom,


What encouragement.

Anyhoo, i’m heading downstairs to my favourite chef – chef Michael Smith of Chef at home, and probably some apples and grapes!


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