I came home, thinking we were heading out for dinner, but instead, i came home to smells of home-cooked food! Yum! Looks like my treat for grandma is postponed to this Sunday!

Gramps (yes, both of them) cooked today.


Turnips! Sengkuang in Malay. This is my greatgrandma’s style of cooking, which she taught my grandma. It’s really delish. Dark Soy sauce.. yum! but this takes hours to cook. Though we thought we could save some for the next few days. But turns out, we almost finished!

Eaten together with lettuce!


Butterhead which was used on Sunday as well. So delish, and SOMEWHAT healthy.

IMG_0206Stir fry prawns and squid with soy sauce. Everything’s brown today! It’s alright, but hardish.

This happened when i was finishing the food.

Me: Dear, why don’t you like the turnips?

BF: OK la. Just full.

Me: *Full? He’s never full.* but you ate so little.

BF: I’m OK with it. Not so fond. but still can eat.

Then, i tried to finish the turnips. (I tend to finish food especially if a loved one cooked it. I just don’t feel like wasting their effort ) That’s when this happened.

BF: Place it back in the fridge for tomorrow.

Me: Noone will eat it. Remember the wings? And the egg? It’s just a few spoonfuls left, why don’t you and I share one or two each, that’s it.

BF: I’m full. Stop eating it. Why you always like to finish the food? Maybe that’s why you always complain that you diet but don’t lose weight.

That’s pretty much why i’m not in such a good mood. And Sam, that’s why maybe what my friend said is true. Sad smile

I may have a kiwi to get my fruit of the day. See, i’m constantly eating.

Promise of the week to myself: Bring lunch to work. and EAT it.

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