Sky bar

The BF wanted to tend to the garden, so i offered my assistance! But before that:KIWI and some grapes! with a Kiwi spoon which came in the Zespri pack. i notice that GREEN kiwis are cheaper than yellow ones.. i wonder why..


While the BF tended to the garden (it’s a small patch), Max had some of his greens.

SDC11372Normally, i would yell at him for eating them, but these were pruned off. And he was delighted!

SDC11378SDC11379I didn’t help much. Did some weeding, and help throw the unwanted leaves.. SDC11385It’s somewhat weed free, and not that bushy anymore!

Grndma wanted to head out to Murni in SS2, but we had to use two cars, as me and the bf are heading out after dinner Smile

I had me some maggi goreng

SDC11386I thought it was decent. I still like Kayu’s Maggi goreng. I don’t think they used Maggi noodles, as they were thicker than normal. A tad too oily for my liking though. Dear didn’t like the taste..

SDC11387This is pandan chicken, which gramps didn’t really like. They chose another one and made us finish this.. =.= but lucky us, we preferred this one!

Me and the BF headed to Skybar! which he reserved weeks ago! Just for my birthday. Fine, i know i’m like a little kid, since i’ve not been to one, especially one where i actually ordered alcohol. I’m only 20!

Where can you get a VIEW like this!SDC11393

33 stories high, i’m sure it’s possible! and right next to KLCC!



I’m sorry for the very faded pic. I had to make it brighter so that you can see the pool. Yes, a pool in the middle of the bar. But that means, you’d have to be careful while walking around it!

SDC11402The BF got a fruit punch (he was driving) which cost RM20. It’s the one on the right, tasted very cordial to me. I liked the one i ordered (left), a Raspberry Mojito, RM40. Worth the money? barely any alcohol. But it tasted good. Had a bittersweet (more sweet side) taste. Bitter due to the mint i think. SDC11415Good place to chill. But not for food!

Skybar, Traders hotel. Be sure to book before hand!


7 thoughts on “Sky bar

  1. Dear Jace and sammersyoung,
    Thanks for your comments and your visit. As you may know when you / your boyfriend made your reservation, there is no minumum spend at SkyBar at this time, unlike many of the other bars in KL. You can come to SkyBar and sit for as long as you want with your mineral water or your coke. Many bars in KL will insist that you pay a cover charge or that you buy a bottle. At SkyBar you can enjoy the lovely view and the nice seating, and the internationally reknowned DJ’s and the dancers for the price of your drink only. If the price is the most important think then you have many other options in KL that will cost you less. As standard Hotel bars go – our prices are about the same.

    As for your Mojito. Each Mojito has guaranteed double shot of Barardi Limon Rum, Measured by our Optic measure. Each optic measure is actually licensed by the gouvernment as giving the precise amount that you pay for. Often people do not notice the alcohol taste in a mojito because it is a sweet acidic drink. this masks the alcohol flavour.

    As for the fruit Punch I will do a tasting and we will consider adjusting the recipe. We do not use cordials at Sky bar we do however use chuilled juices and we will take another look at it.



    SkyBar Manager

  2. ragards : regards
    gouvernment – government
    chuilled is chilled.
    and it’s minimum spending.

    no offence but if you are going to represent a top bar from asia, i’d expect you spell check your response 😀

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