Didn’t get to have a go at the treadmill today, but will do so tomorrow.

Breakfast was:


Bokomo Strawberry yoghurt Muesli. I like it, but i would use it for granola for my oats!

SDC11426Morning wake-me-up drink.

Lunch was at Sakae with Pik San. I’m sorry, i forgot pics, but there was nothing to miss as we ate the same ol’, same ol’ Kakiage.

Pik San says i’m eating too much! Maybe i am. I snacked on some VERY recently bought Reese’s.

Yum. So peanut buttery!!!! I’m officially addicted.

Today, is the first time in 2 or 3 weeks, that i got to go back at 5.30 on the dot! It’s the monday after filing, so people are still relaxed, plus many are on leave! I hope it remains this way for the rest of the month. Sadly, it’s only a hope.

I’m off to my dinner soon! Ta! SYTYCD!


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