Party like it’s your birthday!

I’m sure i can! I’m turning two-zero today. Gosh. i’m 1/5th of a century old! Noooo!

But i don’t mind. Soon i’ll be graduating!!

Today, though was a sleep-in Sunday, i woke up pretty early @ 8am.

The BF treated me to a Birthday breakfast!

Last week, we were scouting around for places to eat for my birthday dinner.. we found this place in Desa Park City. It’s like a little small mall.. ones that are similar to that of in Aussieland. Two-storey high, right next to a lake.

I spotted that La Casa had breakfast, which was somewhat reasonably priced (for once in a while breakfast-s) unlike it’s dinner.


So, i told the bf that i wanted to come here for my birthday breakfast!

It’s very gourmet like. I think it’s my first eating @ this sort of place for breakfast. I think we were the first customers.

Their breakfast set comes with coffee/tea..

Dear’s tea, which was basic lipton..


My cup of joe is essential for my mornings.


With equal and some milk. Was pretty good. Not your regular nescafe what not. Sadly, it was a small cup + non refillable.

We enjoyed the scenery from here, though the sky was not clear..


I told the bf i wouldn’t mind staying in the houses nearby (hint hint). Such a perfect neighbourhood! With a view, and no buildings and highways!


Dear ordered a La Casa Sunrise. I felt a bit bad for suggesting to come here. It wasn’t cheap and the bf is not the type who likes this kind of food, nor the kind of high class setting. I wouldn’t say it’s really high class, but it’s gourmet-ish. This cost RM13.90. Not something i would order when i come here though as it’s pretty normal. The sausages were quite small though. But sometimes, i do like to come to these places.. as they have breakfasts like this! See below.


Smoked salmon with scramble eggs on toaste focaccia. RM2 more than the bf’s meal. I think this is much more worth the money! The bread was good. love the crust!


Love that the eggs were creamy! cooked just the way i like it! Smoked salmon was ok, though i wish they were cut thinner, and smoother. But still good flavour!

SDC11352Strangely gave me butter and jam too! the Bf had them too with his meal, so we shared one butter and took home the rest. Elle d Elle butter! French! but i would have preferred it salted! This is the only time i eat butter (when i’m out)

We did take our time for breakfast, and enjoyed the view at the same time!

Bill was RM34.90. Would i come back herE? maybe once a month, or till i get bored. Their breakfast sets are quite limited, plus i really wanted to try their beef hash, but it ran out!

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 9/10 | Service: 8/10

La Casa

GF-05m The Waterfront @ Park City

5, Persiaran Residen, Desa ParkCity

52200 KL.


the BF is cooking lunch, but I don’t think i feel like eating so soon! I’m still stuffed!


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