Loong Foong Restaurant, PJ

Tonight’s dinner was planned to be @ Loong Foong Restaurant in PJ, right next to SIC.

Before mass, i had an apple and some grapes in the car to tide my hunger..

And soon enough, the dinner I was looking forward too.. a dinner with SOFT SHELL CRABS!

That’s the only reason we chose Loong Foong for my birthday dinner pre-birthday dinner! 8th is the actual date.

My aunt had pre-ordered the day before..

We didn’t have to wait long for our food.


While waiting, however, we did snack on some “keropok”. This is actually included in the dinner, thus we ate it. normally, we just ask them to take it away.

While waiting, i took some shots as well!



My grandparents.. (they only LOOK loving, you should see it when they fight!)



I made the BF promise that one of my birthday presents would be that he should give in to me wanting to take pics together. He’s not a big fan of the camera..



Soon enough, food came!


“Sei tai tin wong”. Basically, it’s four different kinds of beans. But i think this only had two (??). Stir’-fried with salted fish!! BRINJALS!!! Was tasty!! And not oily.


Emperor chicken. They used Kampung chicken for this. which is good, means it wasn’t injected with hormones and it had a good life running here and there. Smile But sad when it was slaughtered. Sorry chicken. But you were tasty. They marinated you well, and you were tender though you were a Kampung chicken.


Yam basket, which i know, looks a bit retarded, but it’s only because we dug into it. (my family are termites when it comes to eating). This was quite a big portion. Was quite good, but i would have preferred if breast was used for the chicken. They also included water chestnuts in the mix, which is rare in other restaurants.


What i’ve been waiting for!! Soft shell crab! Loong Foong is known for it’s soft shell crab. I know it’s an oily dish because it’s deep fried (the only way to eat it to me). But it’s once in awhile! It was crispy, but maybe not salty enough. Eaten with the chilli, it was better! I thnk i had 1/2 of this plate? Not many in the family likes it. (By the way, one large plate costs RM35.


Seng Kua tofu. Sorry to say, i didn’t have any of this. With SO MANY dishes, it was hard to try everything without getting overstuffed. Plus, i was eyeing the soft shell crab.


Choy Tam (Brussel Sprouts) in Thai Style. Strange to me as it was thai style. I’m more used to the chinese way of garlic stir-fry.

Other dishes of which i forgot, or couldn’t snap a photo of in time were the Lotus rice (which was REALLY good according to the fam, and the birthday noodles. Oh, and we also ordered a Sweet and sour wish, on promo for RM15 for large i think!

Rice (white rice), tea, and a small dessert of longan and cincau was free. The bill came to about RM183.30. Reasonable as the food was well-liked among the family. We may come back here for regular/normal dinners (without the expensive soft shell)

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Loong Foong Restaurant (Next to SIC)

Off LDP Highway ( Taman Mayang )
4 , Jalan SS 25/23 ,
47301 Petaling Jaya

We proceeded back home for cake!

Remember the tiramisu i was talking about?


Fine, i know it’s not the best in appearance, but when you taste it…… *lost for words as it’s so good!*


Happy birthday to me!

The alcohol wasn’t overpowering. just a tinge, which was PERFECT! So creamy, sinful. well not that sinful as it was cream cheese. healthier than cream? Smile

I really have to say thanks to my ex-boss @ Bel Pasto for the wonderful cake!

I didn’t take a pic of the slice but i have leftovers, and have a feeling i’ll be having another soon!

5 thoughts on “Loong Foong Restaurant, PJ

  1. Hi Jaclyn, wow….the Tiramisu looks yummy! So glad to see pictures of my Yee Ma & Uncle here! Send my regards to them ya 😀

  2. ya omg!! the soft shell crab looks good 😀
    happy birthday girl 😀 say hello to dai kuma and dai ku cheong for me 😀

    hey rabbit aaaaaaaaaaaaaa when i can get my passport let’s go makan together ok? : D

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