Fish and chips, with a salad on the side

Eating with a guy is scary. I think i put on weight more easily that way.

Barely a moment after i finished my last blog post, the bf was ready to cook lunch!! But we did take about an hour or so for it.

Today was fish and chips with a a salad on the side, but all twisted up!


Salad consisted of:

  • butterhead
  • cherry tomatoes
  • tofu which grandpa bought (random, i know)
  • topped off with some toasted lebanese bread
  • and the following dressing:


Dressing was.. ok i guess. nothing wonderful to shout about. i still love my creamy dressing, but i guess it’s only Healthy enough to have it once in a while.

Fish the BF marinated and cooked with the recipe which he uses for chicken/beef. I thought it wouldn’t work out. but it did! WONDERFULLY!


Fine, it looks like a pile of burnt stuff, well that’s just becaude the BF doesn’t care for presentation. As long as it tastes good. Dory fish was used.


Sweet potato fries taken form KERF! See her recipe here. Super simple, and it does get crispy! I used orange sweet taters.. but i don’t know why it turned out yellow in the shot. But really, it was orange.


No, that was not all i had. But that was just to show you that the fish CAN look decent. It was good. Very savoury. had a… smoky flavour to it? Could taste the wine, but not alcoholish. And the best part, the burnt bits (which was unintentional).

Watched some tv, cleared up some stuff. And yet the BF was still hungry. Told you i’ll put on weight this way. So this is what we had:


I promised more shots of the tiramisu right? I realised i didn’t give you the cross section shot!


We had two slices to share. Didn’t finish the cream part though as it was a bit “jelak”. Either way, it’s one of the best. (Alexis’ is also good, though that one is less traditional)

Bf is sleeping, but i think i’m getting hooked to the computer since i started blogging. Smile Anyhoo, i’m off to thank people for their wishes!


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