Ran on the mill for 21 minutes, and it was time to collect my BDAY cake!! 🙂

Bought it from Bel Pasto, the old place I used to work at. The owner/cook is so friendly! 🙂

I’m dying to open to see how it is. It’s a tiramisu, with Kahlua inside!! Can’t wait to try. I’ve tried the alcohol free version (as all the slices served in the restaurant are alcohol free). So, i asked him to add some Kahlua into mine, since it’s a whole 1 kg!!

I haven’t opened it though as I wanted to immediately put it into the fridge!

Lunch was inhaled after I came back from Bel Pasto. Was hungry, as I didn’t refuel after my run. Though, I do wonder if it’s necessary since it was a SHORT run.

Eating instant noodles, i.e. Maggi Asam Laksa, does bring back some memories.

I used to eat these for breakfast when i was young (when you’re young, you’re not health conscious)

IMG_0202 2 minutes, and it was really done! but i think yet, i till overcooked it. i think you should just stop @ 1.5 minutes, and let the remaining heat from the BOILING water cook it!

IMG_0201 Ate in front of the TV! 🙂


Sluurrpp… sadly though, i think the recipe changed or something. Too spicy? it’s just different from what i remember. However, instant noodles are kind of an occasional thing for me as i know, it is NOT the healthiest choice.

This, however, was healthy!

IMG_0203 Red globe grapes..

I’m off to watch some tv/wash dishes.


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