Bread and butter


Had a late night yesterday trying to download the Windows Vista Service Pack. Sadly, it took forever and i decided to hit the sack.

This morning, while waiting for the BF to come back from his night duty, I had a Naner with PB!

SDC11315 SDC11316

PB review:-

Steffi’s Delight (No added sugar)

It was OK. No sugar REALLY makes a difference. I felt that there was something lacking in the PB. However, this is one of the MORE spreadable PB’s. I definitely still miss my Skippy Honey Roasted.. and also Cashew butter!!

Was pretty hungry by the time the BF got home.

Had some bread and butter (toasted on a frying pan-that’s the only way I feel it tastes best!).

So hungry, i forgot to snap a shot. But i can tell you this.

  (Photo taken from Gardenia site-click on the photo)

Breakthru bread plus Kerrygold Irish buttah!

Yum. I think i’m a butter convert after trying this technique. Spread butter on both sides of the slice of bread. Place on the frying pan. When one side is brown enough to your liking, flip it. Then let the other side brown again. And you have a butter convert! 🙂

Also had me some of this:

  Pic from unhappy shopper blog.

Truth be told, i like it cos it stays crunchy, but tastewise, it’s just strange.. somehow. I MISS the Bunches of Oats by Post, which are not on sale any more.. 😦

Yums.. don’t know why.. but i was hungry.

SDC11318 And my coffee.. Yums! Once you’ve tried Nescafe Gold, you’ll never turn to the classic again.

I promised something new last night..

I was so disappointed when Guardian stopped selling EVERSWEETT. i loved it as it had no aspartame. However, not long after, i spotted this at Caring pharmacy! They came back! A tad more pricy now. from RM9.90 to RM 12.90. But worth it because….

STEVIA has arrived! So cool! I’ve been longing to try stevia as i know it’s made from herbs. and now finally, after all this while, it has arrived in Malaysia!! Yay!

SDC11314 I haven’t had a go at it yet though. so no review yet till i finish my Equal.Yes. i was forced to buy a 100 sachet pack of equal when Eversweett ran out. Sad to say, equal still beats Eversweett’s price hands down. Eversweett is double the price! But for my body, why not?

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