Roses made my day.


Won’t walking home to this just make your day?

The bf bought these beautiful roses and left it for me to find when I got home!! Love him so much for this! 🙂


Thanks dear!

On other matters, to prepare for my LONG day of filing ahead, the bf prepared a “new breakfast” (to me at least..)


I know, it seems odd. You know the kind of cereal you get when you order cereal fish (famous in Chinese restaurants), it’s actually Nestum, and i love it so much. So i bought a tin of Nestum

I’m not 100% fond of it in milk, though the BF is.. but i LOVE it toasted! Oh SO GOOD! But note, a bit of salt and sugar is preferably added during toasting.

A cup of joe for my morning dose of caffeine.


Note: need to buy more new bowls and cups if i continue blogging. 🙂

Went to work, for which i was late…


Lunch @ Sakae Sushi! Wanted to use up my RM10 voucher!!!


Now, everytime me and the bf head there, we NEED to order to plates of kakiage! so yum, and worth the price!

The bf took one before i could snap a shot. =.=

Well, this wasn’t actually what i had, but i did have two of the right ones. Again, forgive as i’m just getting used to blogging again!

Nevertheless, food was yumm.. and back to work. =.=

WORK was manic till 330!

But after the despatch left, everyone seemed most relaxed ever in DAYS!

Went for “tea” at Pappa Rich..

Dinner @ Hong Lim Teochew Porridge.

Fruit @ home!


I heard that apples & grapes are a good pair to be eaten together, in terms of nutrition.

I have something new to show you tomorrow.. something i’ve been wanting to get for a while, but just couldn’t find it here!!

Ta for now. i’m SLEEPY! 🙂


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