Cheerios stash!

Peoples! I’m so sorry for leaving you in the dark for almost a year. i’ll do my very best to revive it. but i can’t promise my daily posts as previously. I know I can never be as successful as KERF but I will do my best.

I’ve been uber busy with…well stuff. So much has been going on. I’m into my last semester in September. Woo hoo! But no hurray for my final year project, which I am totally lacking of respondents. HELP!

Anyways, I’m currently interning in the TAX department of an audit firm = busy as it’s filing period. Well, at least for up to this week. But my senior said she still has a few more which she managed to extend the deadline, which means, there’s still work.

I’m on MC today, however, as I had to go for my follow-up treatment. Yet, i found some time for my blog. hope my Senior doesn’t see this. but note i AM going to rest after this.

This morning, i had my last little wee bit of Cheerios left!! Boo..


Apple Cinnamon. but i still like the original flavour more. There’s the 5 grain Cheerios in Malaysia, made in China. But i still like the imported ones more, though they cost a BOMB! So this one, mom bought from Singapore. Mom, if’ you’re reading, I need more!!!!

That’s all for now. I’ve got stuff to do! But i sure miss blogging!




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