Economy Rice & Ayam Penyet A-P @ Sunway Mentari


Lunch on FRIDAY (i’m posting this now only cos i was caught up with dear being back since last friday!) was me being boring with economy rice. My usual brinjals and cauliflower. It’s from a coffeeshop near Giant Kelana Jaya. Didn’t note down the name though..

Going to see another insurance agent again this friday.. hopefully i can decide..

Went home to mahjong to play along with the whims and fancies of grandma’s. She loves mahjong, and it needs 3 players. So me and grandpa have to entertain her.

There were many snacks during the day (see, this is why people put on weight during festivities..)

Went to fetch dear from the airport. And we headed to Ayam Penyet A-P @ Sunway Mentari for dinner!

This place serves indonesian food, but much cheaper than waroeng Penyet @ Curve.


We ordered a Gado- Gado, chicken rendang, and the one on the right is terong balado

Gado-Gado = Indonesian cooked salad. The peanut sauce was seriously full of peanuts. yu,.. tauge, keropok, egg, potatoes, tomatoes. cucumber, tofu. The sauce totally made this dish

Rendang Ayam = Chicken cooked in spicy coconut paste.. gosh, if only it wasn’t santan, i would have had it all! The chicken was tender too!!

Terong balado = brinjals with chilli paste. Grandpa used to like this alot, but i think his tongue can’t handle it anymore..

We also got a Rendang daging, similar to rendang ayam, but it’s beef. The beef was too tough for my liking though..


Terung penyet-smashed brinjal. I love love this!!! (double love was on purpose). I asked for the extra fried flour on top, and they gladly gave me! yum! Brinjal was soft and delish! Could’ve done without the oiliness though.

Including an Oxtail soup, the bill came up to RM40 ish.. quite reasonable to me since there was chicken + beef.

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | AmbiencE: 6/10 | Service: 7/10

(Dataran Mentari , Sunway)

No.17 Jalan PJS 8/17 ,

Petaling Jaya , Selangor


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