Noodle Shack @ Ikano

1/Note: the night before’s dinner, i didn’t post anything cos it was a repeat of the previous  day’s lunch of mushroom fried rice. 😉

I heart my cereal.. and i’m to lazy to make anything else..


1/3 cup all-bran, the rest of the 3/4 cup was filled with Cheerios! yum. though the cheerios was a tad corny.

Had a 10 minute run until grandma bugged me to play mah jong with her.

after that i had a 11 minute run again.

Lunch was pretty late. about 2pm.. I used up what was left of the fried rice and a tad of salad with Hellman’s dressing



Stole some of grandpa’s eggs he cooked. hehe. it was actually for himself with his porridge, but it smelled so good. so i had some!! 😉

Soon after, akak Jack came by. and we left for a walk about Curve.

Dinner was @ Noodle Shack, Ikano.

Akak jack suggested since she LOVES it.


Grampa had Traditional meen fun kou. (aka pan mee)

I tried some, it was quite good but i still think there’s a shop in klang which the meen fun kou is much beter. This one here is a bit too thick for my liking.. The ingredients were quite fresh though.


I had fish balls, RM6.90 plus an egg RM1

it was not bad. very authentic as they weren’t perfectly round. Rather more like fish paste. The soup was alright. i don’t know, but i just felt that something was missing. can’t put my finger on it. 0.0

Overall, food was not too bad, but i guess i’m not too big a fan of pan mee, and normally just tag along.

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 7/10

Noodle Shack, Ikano power centre


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