Family meals

Yesterday was the second day of CNY!

Though on hols, i managed to get up (which i find more difficult when sleeping past 12am!) and get to my workout.

Had a mini brekkie of honey maid + coffee!

Almost after workout, akaks came for a cookout, well most of it done by akak Jean. but i prepped the salad!!


In it was:

4 hard boiled eggs

Lettuce (butterhead, and coral)


3 tomatoes

a carrot

i topped it off with some nuts after. and we had it with Hellman’s dressing. mustard and something. can’t recall.. hehe..


On the right is mushroom fried rice.. (vegetarian)

So yummy. love the mushroom flavour (from a mushroom sauce)! And cooked with brown rice, so you bet i was downing quite a few mouthfuls!!

On the left is chicken fillets, marinated with Maggi KReatif sauce. yum!

Though i feel that i ate alot, but at least i know i ate healthily. 😉


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