Cheerios – new flava!

I never knew Uncle Toby’s distribute Cheerios in Aus!

On sunday, i tried a new flava since my yoghurt burst one ran out!


Healthy, but not so healthy that you could taste the healthiness.

Only problem was that i don’t like the corny flavour in it. i mean, maybe you’d like it if you like corn flavoured stuff, but i don’t.


Nevertheless, i still heart Cheerios..

Akak Jean and Akak Jack dropped by to pai lin with gramps.

Skyped mom too!

Went to 1 Utama for lunch @ Carls’ Jr! Carls’ Jr on CNY! lol


Shared the chicken salad with Akak JAck since she’s going vegetarian for the day. So i had the chicken..

And fries! I think i ate ALL the large fries.. omg. sigh..
Also the fried zucchini!

Walked around and came home to Harper’s Island! What an awesome suspense series!!! SO ADDICTIVE.

I’ll separate the post for a review!;)


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