Eve of Chinese New Year Eve

I won’t be seeing dear till next friday.. 😦

Well, more time to focus on the proposal i guess (which my lecturer thinks im making too big a deal of)

Before fetching dear, i had a coffee and a bar to go!


Oh, it’s this new quaker bar! Strawberry vanilla! just by the name, i had to get it, though i know that the ingredient list won’t be too… readable. Anyway, taste-wise, one of the better quaker chewies i had. i mean, it’s not overly sweet like the few i had last time (which made me avoid it). I find bars which say 90 cals only too sweet, but this was better than expected. Not much vanilla taste though. I would buy it again for on-the-go breakkies.

Lunch was at home:


2 pieces of leftover Tulip luncheion meat with 2 slices of breakthru bread. yum!

I headed to One Utama before finally going to college. gosh, i’ve never seen such an empty college. everyone was going back for CNY, so i was like the first one there!

Grandma finally came back from the hospital. Thank God! The op was quite complicated + her BP shot up.

She’s fine now, and we’ve God to thank.

Dinner was at Pappa Rich


I had a tea with my Equal. I find Equal works better with tea than coffee..SDC10791 

And shared a char kuey teow with grandma.

We are so running out of things to eat! =.=


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