Simple… yet satisfying


i realised we had bought this instant soup a while back and haven’t opened it. So since i wasn’t really interested in eating outside (Aman Puri is a sad place), thus i had dinner at home (alone though, while waiting for dear to pick me up for charasmatic meeting)


Top left is the soup. This Vono soup is much better than the instant Campbell soup.. but i does state clearly that there’s MSG (after all, it’s made by the maker of MSG, Ajinomoto). I got that little cup for free once when i bought Vono a while back. it’s perfect cos it has the 150ml mark to pour the water, thus, the soup had a creamy consistency, like canned. It totally dissolved, no clumps!! But it was again too salty. I find instant soups tend to be a bit too salty.

Top right, was what’s left of the Sweet and sour’s better heated up than cold!

And bottom is wheat thins!

Nom nom nom.. See what i mean, simple yet satisying! 🙂


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