Wonders of cereal, specifically Cheerios.


Cheerios cheer me up.

Cheerios wake me up

Cheerios + All-Bran = Tastiness + Healthiness (if there’s such a word)

In all, cheerios, i love you.

Ok, i know. totally lame, but it totally wake me up especially at 6 in the morning after sending dear off!

6-8 was spent blogging & surfing.

worked out..gosh, been long since on the treadmill. ok.. one day off the treadmill feels long.TO ME.

11am: E&G class.. wow.. theories.. they all seem to mean the same. social responsibility. social development. why bother? can we all be morally good. there needs to be a theory on how to be good? Geez, what a way for the authors to make money.

Half an hour break.. really sucks. so short. so i had to bring my own food..

but i did have something from the cafeteria, which btw, smells.


iPhone pic. sorry. it’s just strange to take out my cam in the cafeteria. hehe.

The top is the sweet and sour cabbage i made on sunday. Didn’t bother to nuke it and it was perfectly fine. just that i kinda made too much. one head of cabbage? that’s alot!

The bottom is a strange concoction costing me RM0.70. It’s brinjals with anchovies???? As in ikan bilis anchovies. lol. Weird i know. the ikan bilis was not so nice cos it was chewy and hard to bite. I like the brinjals though.

I also had a slice of Extra healthy bread (from Patisfrance) with kaya, didn’t toast it this time, and it turn out super soft and tasted great!!!

Next class FM.. omg.. i totally was about to fall asleep. i don’t know why.. lack of sleep? whatever it is, i seriously felt like i was about to close my eyes!! –.-

I totally forgot Monday was a public holiday. I was stuck in the home area where i park!! Imagine, jam in a neighbourhood?

And i was planning to go 1 U, not knowing everyone else was heading there cos of PH. Sigh..

But thank God, somehow, i found a parking!! Ran some quick errands and went back home!

Came back, i managed to laze around till dinner time, about 6-ish?

Had dinner at Yap Fong Bak Kut Teh in Aman Puri. One of the few decent places without having to cross the toll.


We call this the white one.. meaning the bak kut teh with soup.. the soup is good. very herbally. and this time around, the pork was really soft!!


This, we call the black one. It’s actually just cookd differently, and it’s dry. with dried sotong, chillies and ladies fingers. Yum.. very fragrant, and i liked this bowl cos we requested for lean meat, and they did give us lean meat!! YUM!


Dried beancurd and deep fried dough on the side!

Yum, at least something for a change.

Went home and met dear (he got off work early).

See ya’ll later!


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