Sweet and sour cabbage

Lunch was… alright. different opinions…

I made tossed in the oven some Tesco crispy diced potatoes.


This were quite nice. easier to crisp up than straight cuts. But pricy. This was half the bag (but i DID kinda pour out too much), and one bag, 500g is RM6


Dory fish marinated in oo, s & P, oregano, coated with ww flour, and dipped in egg, and fried. Easy!! but i think i overdid it with the salt.

I made some sweet and sour cabbage from Eat Live and Run.


Followed the recipe to the dot. I liked it. reminded me of pickled cabbage. but dear wasn’t used to the sourness in the vege (though i didn’t find it that sour). he said most prob it was cos he was more used to chinese style, which doesn’t involve much sourness.

So in other words, i have leftovers of the cabbage for next few lunches (since i need to bring lunch to col anyway!)

Oh well, after this, some tv watching, and studying.. we took a nap!!!!!



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