Sukico Hainan Cafe @ Uptown D’sara | Tutti Frutti @ TTDI

I have skipped me lunch post cos I’m still awaiting some pics from sam (my cam was too full!) Anyway, so i’ll jump to dinner @ Sukico!!

After pyramid, it was such a rush as i ran up to change and left with gramps for mass. Today, there was double collection for the Haiti earthquake too! Means more manpower!!

Dinner was at Sukico Hainan Cafe which makes it my 2nd time here. (see 1st)

I quite like the food cos it reminds me of home cooking..


Grandma ordered a Hainan toast and got at it before i could even say “wait!”. She liked it alot and it reminded her of the good ol’ days. Well, as for grampa, he likes anything when you put butter on it!


Akak Carol got a Sang Har Sang Meen (Prawn noodles!)

I think it’s RM15.90. Can’t remember. so many prawns.. i had a few 😉

Quit nice as they give alot of prawns and the noodles are crispy.


Grandma had a Fried mihun, but didn’t want the vege, so i helped her with the vege (plus my food took a really long time to come!)

Grampa ordered a Grilled fish fillet, asking for fries with it. but i think this place has a different meaning for fries. =.= Grampa was shocked when he saw only two, plus they kinda look more like wedges

So we asked for more, and they gave us 3 more.. in a saucer….sigh..

Akak Jean had some Fried mee (but no pic!)

I had a Mushroom omelet which i also had the first time. i know. i’m boring.


But i told you, i have an addiction to fried eggs (cept sunny side up).. i gave the sausage to grampa, and had one extra “fry” as i asked for more fries..(they could only spare me one)

I liked the egg, quite fluffy! And lots of mushrooms.

The potatoes are totally home cooked, reminds me of what grandma used to make!

Food: 8/10 | Service: 7.5/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | AmbiencE: 7/10

(Located on the same row as Public Bank)
#26, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7728 8381

And no, we weren’t full.. =.= So much so we headed to Tutti Frutti @ TTDI for dessert!

Really expensive yoghurt place, considering it’s DIY.. i know, makes it seems fun, but i think it’s a secret agenda to reduce costs of labour! haha!

RM5.30 /100g, and when you don’t know how to pull the lever to fill your yoghurt cup, you may overfill and your frozen yoghurt would have cost you a RM14!

Mine did but since it was a weekend, if you are above 100g, then you get RM2 off!


I chose the vanilla flavour! It was awesome!! Really tasted like vanilla ice cream, but you know it’s not so detrimental to your health!! So good! but totally expensive.. sigh.. but this is the only frozen yoghurt place in malaysia so far.

I topped mine off with some oreos and marshmallows!! so sad that the marshmallows kinda disappointed me.. but i totally love the yoghurt! they should come up with an oreo flavour! And i won’t mind returning here often!!


Gramps shared a vanilla flavour! topped with weird jelly. lol..

Nom nom nom!! Grandma was shocked at the price.. Well, nothing these days are cheap..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | service: 7/10 | ambiencE: 7/10

Tutti Frutti @ TTDI (near KFC and Ayamas)
No. 11, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7725 2101

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