Pappa Rich breakfast set


Me and dear decided to head to pappa rich for brekkie..

I had the breakfast set RM4.90.. quite a good deal.. but then again, as i always say, if i can make it at home, why bother?

Anyway, i had maybe 3 bites of the bread and gave the rest to dear while waiting for my eggs. The coffee, though i used equal, was quite nice!! I mean, i’ve tried Old Town’s with equal, no good. but this was quite nice!

So was dear’s Teh!


So frothy! i think the froth was made with condensed milk cos dear was saying how sweet it was.


Dear got a char kuay teow. yum! always think the pappa Rich’s char kuey teow is nice!!

When my eggs finally came, they were totally undercooked, as in even the whites were transparent!! had to return it. and wait again.. and this time, it was over cooked.. sigh.. now i know why making it at home is so much better.

Food: 7/10 | PricE: 6/10 | ServicE: 7/10 | AmbiencE: 7/10

Pappa Rich Aman Puri


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