Cafe Penang Street @ Aman Suria

Note: before mass:


Headed for mass the second time yesterday to accompany dear. Ok by me, cos after all, we ARE going to church. 🙂

After considering what the jam would be like along the Taman Tun due to the darn construction, we headed to Aman Suria in hunt for dinner.

And settled for Penang Street Cafe since Pizza vs Satay was closed.

Communication is abit difficult there cos the waiters understood neither english nor malay. The menu was your typical penang fare, but since we just had fried kuey teow in the morning, we had “mixed rice” for dinner.


I had some kangkung (which the waiter claimed was not available, but strangely, i found some at the counter.. ) a tofu and a piece of chicken rendang.

The kangkung was good. not belachan style, but still good. the flavour is there!

Tofu was ok. kinda bland though.

Chicken was nice. i couldn’t help finishing the sauce!! Though i know it’s full of santan. oh well..

Dear had the same except with rice, no tofu and beef rendang. fine.. not the SAME, but somewhat the same. hehe. he said it was nice but too salty..

Along with 2 warm water, it cost us RM11.. i guess it’s was nice, service was good except the communicato probs.

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 7/10 | Service: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 6.5/10

Cafe Penang Street, Aman Suria (Same row as Bao Bao facing the main road)

We headed to One Utama, and had a rotiboy, then met Akak Jack to get my i Phone (3G, not 3GS)!! So happee! but i don’t know how to use it.. waiting for mom to teach me.


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