I heart running at the park! In fact i heart running outdoors (besides my neighbourhood.. cos my neighbourhood is too small). It doesn’t seem as tiring as running the treadmill!

so sad i can’t do it all the time. thus the treadmill.

Anyway, before heading to the park, i had a quick snack.


Some kenyan coffee with HoneyMaid + Skippy Honey Roasted PB!!! Yum!!

Ran about 7 rounds of the park, though it’s not alot cos the park is quite small. But sufficient enough to wear me out. The downhills i walked though cos i hate the pressure it puts on my toes.

After the run, we headed to One Kopitiam for some fuel!

I had half boiled eggs and a coffee.. no pic cos i didn’t bring the cam along.

Came home, watched some tv, lazed around. Somehow, time flew fast enough to 1 pm when it was time to go for UMP class!!


(OO.. notice the red theme going on here!)

I had some cereal to hold me over since lunch was too early and class would end too late. Cheerios and all-bran! nothing better to fill me tums!

UMP.. was scary. cos the lecturer made me feel like my research was not good enough. But the lecturer was better than i expected. Def better than my previous lecturer. Kinda strict about punctuality though (i was slightly late. hehe).

Anyway, when dear picked me up, he said he was really hungry (like me, he had cereal.. and for him, it’ll be def not be enough!)

We were hoping to drop by Ali Rojak in KJ, but he doesn’t open on Fridays, so we went to Giant Kelana Jaya Mall Food Court. The Rojak there is quite good.


Actually, it’s only RM3.50 but since i asked for extra Keropok and coconut, it came to RM5. Yum! Even dear said it’s quite good. I heart the keropok. but i think Ali Rojak’s coconut is better! But this is quite close to Ali Rojak though!

After that, we headed for daily mass and went back to pick gramps to go to Kepong for dinner.


Needless to say, o’chien was on the menu! I heart the ochien! so crispy, yet so fluffy..


Had me some brinjals, and an egg white. i didn’t have the yolk. Too many eggs today!!!!


Gramps all shared a “Sang Har Sang Meen” and some chicken wings. I had a nibble of each and including my oyster omelet and brinjal, i was already stuffed!!! Phew.

Thinking of it makes me stuffed! lol..

It was uber jam when we got home, so we just did some stuff, and off to bed!!


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