Oven baked fries

Came home from college after SMA and took a “nap” with dear. inverted commas cos i didn’t really sleep.

Got up and did some gardening till quite late.. about 730pm..

I got cookin’ while dear bathed.


Top left is bok choy.. easy to cook.. with a sauce mixture of:

  • chinese cooking wine
  • chicken stock granules
  • fish sauce
  • salt
  • oyster sauce

I topped it off with some sesame oil but i couldn’t really taste it. 😦

Top right: oven baked fries

believe it or not, that’s four spuds there!!!

Chopped them up, tossed them in salt, oo and parsley..

In the oven at 190* for half and hour or so.. didn’t get crispy though. How to make it crispy? someone tell me!!!

Bottom omelet with onions! ONE big yellow onion! why is it brown? i kinda added too much soy sauce.. so i did add some milk and water too. Weird i know. but it was nice. 🙂

boy! i was full! Shouldn’t have eaten so much considering a heavy lunch too!! 😦

Anyway, that’s all for the day.


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